If you are lucky you have never heard of arthur jones.

Jones, who calls himself a Republican (though the Republican Party has emphatically disavowed him), is apparently the only registered Republican running for congress in Illinois’ 3rd district – a solidly Democrat stronghold encompassing part of southwest Chicago and its nearby suburbs.

jones is a nazi.  He hates Jews.  He is a holocaust denier.  He is a White supremacist.  In short, he is the embodiment of everything a decent human being should be repulsed by.

But if no actual Republican steps up to challenge jones, he is going to be – on paper, anyway – the Republican candidate running against Democrat incumbent Dan Lipinski.

The good news is that Lipinski will win.  This district is so Democrat that Republicans put up no candidate in 2016 (which is why jones has an opening).  The bad news is that jones, as things now stand, is running at all.

Here, from Aidan McLoughlin’s article at, is the video of CNN’s Alyson Camerota interviewing this “man”:


A few “highlights”, in the form of quotes from jones:

“You jews media, you’ve gone absolutely nuts!”

“The Democrats and Republicans, it’s the cursed two party, Jew party system can’t stand it.”

“Yes I deny the Holocaust, it’s an extortion racket.”

“The Jews basically control the country, the Congress, the economy the media.”

I don’t know how Ms. Camerota was able to get through this “interview” without puking her guts out.  And if she did, the puke would have more value than the “man” she was interviewing.

I don’t think it is enough for Republicans to just announce they want nothing to do with arthur jones.  I think they have to put someone up – even someone who tells his/her potential constituency there is no expectation of victory and no actual campaign – to act as an alternative to this nazi pig.  Even if it has to be a write-in, it should be done.

Then let him sink back under his rock and disappear forever.

Seig heil, arthur, it will be a pleasure seeing you in our rear view mirrors.


  • Since the RNC is a private company why can’t they stop him from running as Republican candidate?

  • This college has figured out how they can indoctrinate every student. If you want to get your degree you have to take sjw courses.

    The University of Wisconsin-Stout approved a graduation requirement last year designed to ensure that students “appreciate cultural, economic, political, environmental, and social differences.”

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