This is what we expect from countries like Iran.  Venezuela.  Cuba.

But it is happening here. In the USA.

Paul Manafort, convicted of absolutely nothing, has been held in prison – in solitary confinement – for over a month now.

Yes, he is accused of a series of crimes.  But a) we do not know if he is guilty of any of them and b) in any event, the crimes he is being accused of occurred years before he had any association with Donald Trump and therefore have absolutely nothing to do with what robert mueller is supposed to be investigating.

So why does Paul Manafort languish in jail at all, let alone solitary confinement?

Because mueller thinks he can get him to testify against Trump in some way about something – anything – related to the campaign (which he was in for less than five months).

Does mueller have any specific area he thinks Manafort would provide useful information on?  I don’t know…and I doubt he does either.

But since, in almost a year and a half, mueller’s Democrat-stacked star chamber has turned up NOTHING, his desperation level apparently is reaching critical mass.  So torture-for-testimony is what he is reduced to.

Alan Dershowitz – a lifelong liberal Democrat now reviled by many of the people who used to revere him because he dared to talk honestly about this sick witch hunt – described the Manafort jailing this way:

As Judge Ellis said, they’re not interested in Manafort, they’re interested in Manafort testifying against Trump,  or providing information.  As Judge Ellis said, you have to worry not only about squeezed witnesses singing, but about them composing. Making up stories, elaborating on stories, because they know the better the story, the better the deal they’re going to get.  And that’s the great fear, when you deal with witnesses like that and try to prosecute them, in order to get them to testify against other people.

They have two shots at him (in two different courts) and they’re hoping to succeed in at least one of them, and then put the pressure on him to succeed.  Say to him ‘look, you have two choices.  Die in prison or testify against your former associate.  And most people will take the testify option rather than the die in prison option.

In other words, if you make Paul Manafort desperate enough, he’ll give you whatever you want to hear.

Keep him in solitary long enough, then threaten him with massive punishment while assuring him that if he gives you good dirt on the Trump he gets a break – the more dirt , the bigger the break…

…and eventually you might get Manafort to accuse Trump of collusion, treason, the Lindbergh kidnapping, the St. Valentine’s Day massacre and putting the overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s chowder.

And this, we are supposed to believe, is going to stand as credible information in a legitimate investigation?

Maybe that’s what it would be in rouhani’s Iran or maduro’s Venezuela or castro’s Cuba.  But – I wish I were more confident when saying this – not the United States of America.

And every day mainstream media do not call mueller out in these tactics, is a day that more and more of the public sees them not as legitimate sources of news, but as a bunch of partisan jackals, worth little more than derisive laughter.


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