With a hefty tip of my imaginary hat to, ┬áhere is a video of what happened when an anti-Trump hater who was a both participating in and videoing a vulgar chant about Donald Trump ran into the wrong person – a man with his wife and young child who, to say the very least, demonstrates his objection to the language they were being subjected to.

I doubt I have to tell you that my favorite part was when the brave SJW who was screaming the F-bomb turned, in a matter of 3 or so seconds, into a whining baby crying for help.

Frankly, I hope he didn’t get any.


  • When I heard him crying for help I couldn’t help but LOL.
    It reminded me of the “Don’t Taze Me” guy.

  • I understand the people yelling F- Trump have a Constitutional right to say that, but having the right to do something doesn’t necessarily mean it is right to do it.
    I am glad someone finally stood up for a little decorum, swearing like that in public is not cool whether children are within earshot or not (imo).
    Every time I watch a Trump related video and hear that, I wish someone would stand up and say knock it off, someone finally did.

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