…is from someone who, until a few minutes ago, I did not know existed.

His name is Lou Manzo, and here is how he describes himself:

 I am a Democrat and former Democrat elected official [Hudson County Freeholder and New Jersey State Assemblyman]. I have continually expressed my analysis and opinion that the Dems increasing shift from a progressive, liberal philosophy and policy to radical, far-left, socialist activism is continuing to destroy this once great party. The repercussions of this evolving transformation will be devastating.

This description so accurately describes the Democrat Party’s lurch from respectability to self-destructive irrationality that Manzo had me right there.

But that was just the beginning:  his analysis of the how the mid-term election prospects started out, how they have moved, and how they might change between now and election day are so logical and well-thought out that, although I do not agree with everything Mr. Manzo says, it was a pleasure to read them.

I urge you in strongest terms to use the link I’ve provided and see for yourself.  But, for now, just a tiny little taste to whet your appetite:

Mainstream Independents and Democrat moderates are repulsed by the antics of these extremists, and they continue to move out of the party and withhold support for Democrat candidates linked to the far-left agenda. This doesn’t seem to phase this radical element that continues to plot an extremist agenda for the party.
The fate of the midterm election rests in the hands of a large grouping of independents who will tip the scales in favor of one party over the other on election day. Most of the movement of this grouping of voters, since August and September, has been towards the GOP. The main impetus for the movement of voters was initially the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, despite what biased polling shows.
The other key factor that will affect the outcome of the mid-term elections is the migrant’s caravan, and soon to be several caravans of [illegal immigrants, refuges, undocumented aliens], take your pick, enroute from Honduras and intending to storm the United States southern border to invade the country and plead for asylum. This is a well-choreographed and non-spontaneous event, again; being ably supported by its glowing coverage in the media.
The caravan is composed mostly of young men of army age, who push their scant camouflage—women and children—in front of them whenever the media cameras are rolling. This also happens to be one of the best dressed caravans—clean tee shirts and new sneakers dominate the wardrobe of the impoverished marchers. Sadly, news reports of sexual assaults of woman and children in the migrant caravan are beginning to leak out.


Other than his incorrect use of the word “phase” (it should be faze), what part of that does not ring true?

And, believe me, there’s a lot more just like it.

Again, I urge you to use the link, read the analysis (including, by the way, a path for Democrats to retrieve at least some of their mid-term advantage before election day) and treat yourself to what all too many so-called political pundits never seem to use:  street-wise common sense.

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