Here’s a little test for you.

First, please watch the following 4:38 compilation of video footage, which I pulled from John Hinderaker’s latest commentary at, which chronicles what happened after the Trump rally in Minneapolis.

Did you get a good look?  Enjoy the dialogue?

Now, for the test.

First, tell me who the real  haters are (that’s the easy part).

Next, name even one Democrat who condemned what you just saw and heard.  (That’s where you’ll have a problem, because I don’t know of even one.)

Finally, keeping in mind that this is far from the only time such ugly, hate-filled behavior has been leveled at people for their “crime” of supporting the President of the United States…

…tell me what will happen if, at a future trump rally – maybe the one in Dallas tonight – some of the Trump supporters who are put through this ringer react violently to it?  Which side do you think our mainstream media, who have reported virtually NOTHING about what you just saw, will take then?  Which side do you think they’ll blame?

And never forget that these are the same “journalists” who bristle when they are called out for being biased.

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