Yesterday I posted a blog titled “Why Do Parts Of Minneapolis Remain Rubble”.  It referenced  Jeffrey Meitdrodt’s article for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which told us that business owners, looking at the rubble that once was their livelihoods, were not being given permits to clear away that rubble unless they pre-paid – that’s right PRE-paid – the second half of their 2020 property taxes.

In other words, Minneapolis first allowed the anarchists, “Black Lives Matter” radicals/extortionists and assorted street thugs to lay waste to their businesses, leaving them with nothing.  And then they demanded pre-payment of tax on the property they allowed to be decimated before the waste was even cleared away, let alone new building started.

It doesn’t get much sicker than that.


….wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles.  Once Mr. Meitdrodt’s article was published and the public became aware of this obscenity, the city had a sudden change of heart.

From Jeffrey Meitdrodt’s subsequent article, we have this:

Minneapolis officials will no longer require property owners to prepay the second half of their property taxes in order to start removing rubble from sites damaged in the May riots.

Mayor Jacob Frey announced the change Thursday after the Star Tribune reported on the controversy.

Minneapolis property owners have complained that the policy was slowing the recovery and turning piles of debris into safety hazards. The situation is different in St. Paul, which has been issuing demolition permits without requiring the prepayment of the second half of 2020 property taxes, which are due in October.

Frey said the city will begin issuing permits and waiving demolition fees for any properties damaged in the riots “irrespective of whether taxes have been paid.” The new policy went into effect Thursday.

Jacob Frey.  What a guy.

For his part, Mayor Frey tells us that he bears no blame for the beyond-ludicrous pre-payment demands….on the grounds that he was ignorant.  “I recently learned about the predicament and took quick action to fix it,” Frey said.

Nice of you to occasionally check in and see how things are going, Jake.  Is there anything else you “recently learned” about the city you are supposed to be running, the one you allowed to be destroyed?

If not, then I suppose you’ll go back to figuring out how to defund or abolish the police force…which, given your performance during the riots, probably makes sense.  I mean, the more that is destroyed in Minneapolis, the less there is to police, right?

I will end by pointing out to the voters in Minneapolis, as I have in previous blogs, that you elected Jacob Frey and his all-Democrat City Council.  If you don’t like their performance, who would you like to blame?  Trump?  Pence?  Nixon?  Waldo, if you can find him?  Or, just maybe, yourselves?

Think about it and get back to me.

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