Is Michael Horowitz going to take down Hillary Clinton and her equally corrupt, dishonest pals in the deep state?

Before you answer, read this:

“…OIG will initiate a review that will examine the Juistice Department’s and Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) compliance….in applications filed with the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC)”?

“As part of this examination, the OIG also will review information that was known to the DOJ and the FBI at the time the applications were filed from or about an alleged FBI confidential source”?

Uh, isn’t that what we have been talking about in here for over a year (here is just one example)?  Isn’t this what people like Sean Hannity, Sara Carter and John Solomon have been providing information about for all this time – information most mainstream media have desperately tried to withhold from the general public?

Note To Hillary and Barack, and Chuck and Nancy:  You better hope to God you can get to this guy….

….but, based on what I have read, and blogged, about Mr. Horowitz, I wouldn’t count on it.

Stay tuned.

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