This blog is dedicated to anyone who wonders what the Democrat position is on border security – at least as it is described by U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR).

On Sunday, Senator Merkley was interviewed by ABC News’s “This Week” host, Jonathan Karl.  When the talk turned to a border wall, Mr. Karl asked Mr. Merkley why Democrats are so adamant against any funding for it.  Merkley’s answer:

“Because we’re absolutely willing to fund border security.  The American people want us to spend money in a smart way. Five billion dollars is a lot of money. That’s 650,000 children attending Head Start. It’s two million meals a day for a year for seniors, and to spend it on a 4th-century strategy rather than onsomething that improves border security is something we’re not going to do” 

OK,  we’ve got Senator Merkley attacking the Republican plan for a wall…but, so far, offering no specific alternative to it.  Nothing.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

At this point, Karl reminded Merkley that, in 2013, he supported legislation that would have erected 700 miles of border fences.

Merkley’s response?

“There’s a difference between a fence and wall.”

Karl,’s surprised reaction:  “There is?”

And Merkey’s, er, explanation:

“Thirty-foot concrete wall, 30-foot steel spikes, that’s not the smart way, and that’s what all the experts on the border tell us.”

Can someone explain to me what that means?

Is Merkley really saying a larger, more difficult wall to get over is less “smart”?  I’d love an explanation of why, but he didn’t offer one.

Is Merkley saying that a “fence” – presumably lower in height and/or made of less significant material than concrete and/or without spikes, is harder for illegals to get past?  If so, I’d love an explanation of how that could be.  But, again, he didn’t offer one.

Or is he saying there’s some other way of securing the border that works in concert with the fence.  Once more, I’d love to have an explanation of what that would be, because, as with the other possibilities, he didn’t offer one.

And  he is telling us that not one expert thinks a high, spiked concrete wall is a “smart” way to deter illegals?  Not one?  Has this man even heard of Israel?

In case you want to see this travesty for yourself, here’s the video – complete with Merkley’s smirk as he rattles off his BS.  Enjoy:



I’ll tell you what I think.  I think the most logical explanation is that Senator Merkley is full of crap.  I think that, Mr. Merkley, along with his Democrat cohorts, does not want a secure border.  I think they figure that the illegals who cross over will soon be given voting rights (or just vote illegally without them – unless you are brainless enough to think that doesn’t happen), and those votes will vastly be Democrat rather than Republican.

If you’ve got a better explanation, let’s have it.

Oh, one last thing:  in case Senator Merkley and his like-minded pals want more evidence than just Israel,  the American Enterprise Institute has compiled a list of border walls around the world which have been effective and others that, because walls are effective, are in the process of being built.  Click here to see it.

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  • If we had an honest media Democrats wouldn’t be able to hide behind there BS. The D plan is to spend $15 Billion on something less effective. That is the democrat way. I would love to see a poll of the people who would be a better judge of whether a wall/fence would be effective, Border Patrol Agents.

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