Ken Berwitz

I have a Honda Accord.  I bought it from a Honda dealership not far from my house.  

It\’s a Honda dealership.  They sell Honda cars. With me so far?  Good.

Now I will tell you that only a tiny fraction of that Honda Dealership\’s business is selling cars.  

How can this be?  

Well, they also service Hondas.  I\’ll bet there are at least 100 individual services – probably hundreds of them if each is counted separately – in that dealership each day (illustratively, I recently brought my car in for an oil change, a tire rotation and to check a possible problem with the power outlet – that\’s three services right there).  

And they also sell auto parts.  I\’ll bet they sell at least 100 individual parts each day just for the service department to install (see, buying the part, and installing it, are two different services).  

That, of course, is before we talk about service contracts and assorted other things they sell in the dealership.  

Now let\’s add in the number of new cars sold.  Though I don\’t have the exact number for my specific dealership, according to Auto News, the average new car dealer in the USA sold 921 cars last year:  about 5 cars every two days.  But since Honda is an excellent-selling car, and my area probably is an above-average market, let\’s double it and say 5 new cars are sold there a day.

If, every day, the Honda dealership I bought my car from sells five new cars, and every day, on average, it performs hundreds of individual services on cars, and sells hundreds of parts, and if we add in the new car sales, the used car sales, the various contracts that are associates with both new and used car sales…

…I would put the dealership\’s new car sales at 1% – at the outside 2% – of its total sales.

Do you agree?  Or do you find the formula I used to derive that 1% – 2% absurd? 

I hope you find it absurd.  I know I do.

Now let\’s talk about the fact that Planned Parenthood claims just 3% of its activity is abortions.

Please be aware that my Honda formula is exactly the same kind that Planned Parenthood uses.  Every individual procedure – every blood test, every administration of aspirin. topical creams or other medications, etc. etc. etc. is counted once…just like having an abortion is. 

In fact, according to Planned Parenthood\’s own web site, a woman who comes in specifically for an abortion will have something like 9 -10 individual procedures other than the abortion itself – three different medications alone…

…which means the woman, who is there for an abortion, is not counted as 100% on the abortion side.  She is counted as 10%. That\’s how absurd this is.

In reality, about 12% of the women who Planned Parenthood services each year get abortions. And Planned Parenthood is, far and away, the single largest provider of abortions in the United States – it alone accounts for something like 30% of the total.

So when you hear Cecile Richards, or other Planned Parenthood proponents, claim that abortion accounts for only 3% of the organization\’s activities, now you know how it came to that percentage….and how absurd it is.

BS is BS. 

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