Well, well, well.

Almost a half a year of scouring everything he could, and what does Robert Mueller come up with?

An indictment against Paul Manafort and his associate, Rick Gates, for activities which ended in 2014.  Years before Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

But the nature of the indictments may well had an unintentional fallout.

From Tyler O’Neil’s article at PJ Media (the bold print is mine):

After the arrest of Paul Manafort on Monday, Hillary Clinton bundler Tony Podesta announced he would be stepping down from leading the Podesta Group and that the firm would dissolve. Tony Podesta co-founded the firm with his brother John Podesta, who would become Clinton’s campaign manager for the 2016 election.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia connections followed Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman. Manafort turned himself in to the FBI on Monday, after being indicted on 12 counts, among which were “conspiracy to launder money, unregistered agent of a foreign principal, false and misleading FARA statements, and seven counts of failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts.”

Interestingly, many of these charges could also be applied to Podesta. Manafort worked for the Party of Regions, a pro-Russia Ukrainian political party whose president, Viktor Yanukovych, ruled Ukraine between 2010 and 2014. Amid the “Panama Papers” leak emerged a Party of Regions ledger listing $12.7 million in cash payments for Manafort.

Will it occur to our wonderful “neutral” media that the sudden shut-down of Podesta’s operations, on the same day that Manafort is indicted for what Podesta and his company did, is not a coincidence?

It sure as bleep occurs to me.


Just as I hope it occurs to you that, since the Manafort/Gate indictments are based on his activities only up to 2014, they have exactly nothing whatsoever to do with the 206 campaign.

(Say, isn’t the 2016 campaign what Mueller and his partisan band of investigators are supposed to be looking into?)

But in case this still doesn’t register fully, please read this excerpt from Olivia Beavers and Megan R. Wilson’s article at

The Podesta Group and Mercury both did work to benefit a pro-Russia Ukrainian party through Brussels-based nonprofit European Centre for a Modern Ukraine. The Podesta Group earned more than $1.2 million from the client from 2012 through 2014, according to disclosures it filed with the Justice Department.

The companies were not paid by the nonprofit, the indictment says, but by offshore bank accounts run by Gates and Manafort that collectively paid them more than $2 million for their work.

In other words, the Manafort/Gates indictments have nothing to do with collusion between Russia and Trump, but they have plenty to do with collusion between Russia and The Podesta group – run by Democrat operative Tony Podesta, brother of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta.

Still think the Podesta Group shut-down is a concidence?

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