nicolas maduro, the “elected” President of Venezuela, has more or less ended any pretense of democracy in his country.  He has used his hand-picked Supreme court to dissolve its legislature, and now is essentially a dictator.

If Venezuela were running well, this might be tolerated.  But under hugo chavez and, now, his protegé maduras, it has gone from, arguably, the most prosperous country in South America to a chaotic mess with shortages of everything, including the most basic items, living conditions that are below third-world level and a rate of inflation that is expected to be in the neighborhood of 1,500% this year – that is NOT a typo.

And there is more.  Much, much more – too much to put in this one blog.

How long can this possibly last?  How long before someone in a position of power or influence decides enough is enough and takes this bad joke of a “President” out?

Not much longer, I think.

The day that nicolas maduro is removed will – we hope – be a very happy one for Venezuela….unless his replacement is even worse.

Scarily enough, we can’t dismiss the possibility.

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