The Lost Tribe (i.e. Jews, and non-Jews, who figure out ways of rationalizing Israel hatred/Jew hatred):  how do they do it?

Here, from the Wall Street Journal’s Elliot Kaufman, via an article at, is how their “thought process” has operated for the series of anti-Semitic comments made by Rep. ilhan omar (D-MN):

Each time Ms. Omar repeats a calumny, her fellow Democrats become more convinced she doesn’t mean it, or that something else is more important. They’ve joined her in asserting that she’s unfairly singled out—that she is the real victim. On Wednesday Sens. Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren came to Ms. Omar’s defense, suggesting that critics are trying to silence debate about Israel, and citing threats she has received.

Ms. Omar has repeatedly doubled down on her conspiracies, but Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky offers the excuse that her colleague “comes from a different culture,” so “this is a learning moment for her.” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “real concern” is Republican bigotry, which isn’t “treated the same way.” Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley said “we need to have equity in our outrage” and condemn Islamophobia, too—which the House did Thursday, approving a watered-down resolution originally meant to focus on anti-Semitism.

These are all tactics of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party: First, accuse critics of muzzling anti-Israel speech; then, complain about “disproportionate” attention to anti-Semitism; next, change the subject to bigotry from the right; finally, if forced to condemn anti-Semitism, dilute it with a kitchen-sink list of other prejudices.

As you may be aware, jeremy corbyn, an overt Israel/Jew hater, heads the UK’s Labour Party – which has caused at least 9 members of Parliament to resign from the party in protest (with, I hope, more to come).

And, as you may have noticed, Mr. Kaufman’s article cites only Democrats as (what I call) Lost Tribers.  That is because the people making these comments, and the politicians rationalizing them, are exclusively from the Democrat Party.

This certainly does not mean Republicans are immune to anti-Semitism.  But it acknowledges the reality that, these days, politicians who find ways of seeing anti-Semitism as acceptable are predominantly Democrats.

Will it cause the Lost Tribers, who have found ways of subordinating their identities/their basic self-respect on behalf of the ilhan omars of the world, to finally break free of their self-imposed situation?  Will they finally make the people who are so willing to toss them under the bus pay a price for doing so?

Based on the fact that it has not yet happened already, I have little confidence that the Democrat Party’s indefensible acceptance of anti-Semitism will change a thing.  I can only hope, this time, I’ll be wrong.

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