With a major tip of my imaginary hat to the folks at….

Here is a tweet put out by California Governor Gavin Newsom which, has generated over 4 million views so far…

…and here is the full interview it came from, in which – if you start from about 3:20, you will find that Judge Barrett’s words were lifted from a larger comment, are completely out of context, and that she did NOT say it was wrong to fill a SCOTUS vacancy in an election year – that her position was the exact opposite of what Newsom’s tweet suggests:


As you can plainly see/hear, Judge Barrett tells us that it is perfectly ok for this nomination to go forward and plenty of precedent for it.

So how does Governor Newsom get away with this attempt at 100% misrepresenting Barrett’s position?

Well, he can claimthat, technically, he didn’t say Judge Barrett was against it personally, only that she was “explaining” the rationale for those who do.  And he can hope that you either are stupid enough, ignorant enough or hate the Barrett nomination enough so that you will buy his BS.

This is not the first dirty trick opponents of Ms. Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court have used.  Do not – repeat, do not – expect that it will be the last.

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