Yesterday I put up a poll conducted for USA Today, which shows most people do not think gun control laws will stop mass shootings like the one in Parkland, Florida.

Today I will put up another one – a just-released Quinnipiac University poll – which shows exactly the same thing.

From the poll’s analytical summary, we have this:Stricter gun laws would help prevent mass shootings, 34 percent of voters say, as 62
percent say shooters would find a way around stricter gun laws and commit these crimes

Does this finding make sense?  OF COURSE it does.  Passing laws about something does not prevent it from happening.

There are laws against robbery, rape and murder.  Nowhere in the United States can you do any of those things legally.  Have those laws stopped robbery, rape or murder from happening?

The people – whether politicians, social pressure groups, or children they enlist and manipulate – who demand more gun control laws and condemnation of the NRA, then congratulate themselves on what they’ve accomplished to make schools safer, are living in a dream world.  They have not made even one school even 1% safer.

This is not said to oppose strict gun control laws, which I strongly support.  This is to point out that dealing with people who disobey laws is an entirely different issue; one which is not addressed by additional laws.

The next time someone tells you what he or she advocates as a response to the Parkland, Florida massacre, ask yourself “What does this do when a lunatic with a gun, legally or illegally obtained, gets into a school and starts shooting?”

Then, if the answer is nothing at all – which would be true of additional gun laws, banning assault rifles and attacking the NRA – understand that the person you are talking to, however well-intentioned, has not addressed school safety.  Not at all.

And also understand that, if you dare to tell that person so, you’ll probably wind up in an argument you will not win, because your point will be completely ignored.

I know this from experience.

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