Here is the latest Planned Parenthood undercover video, created by the Center for Medical Progress – and, if the previous three are any indication – suppressed by mainstream media in an effort to protect an organization they have decided should not be seen for what it is and what it does.

Please Watch it. All 11:30 of it.

Watch and listen to Dr. savita grinde, Planned Parenthood\’s Vice President of the Rocky Mountain group, go into detail about how to extract the individual organs of babies – NOT globs of fetal tissue, but FORMED BABIES – how pull them apart piece by piece so it can sell the individual parts of these now dead and dismembered babies for a fee.

Listen to how she explains how Planned Parenthood people are told to talk about it in terms designed to hide what is being done.

And, if you have the stomach for it, be sure to watch the last third, where the technician is videoed performing the dismemberment, and casually mentioning that the particular dismembered baby being handled is a boy (not to insult your intelligence, but wouldn\’t a genital organ have to have formed for the technician to visually make that observation?).


Enjoy the show?

Again, I emphasize that these are FORMED BABIES.

Planned Parenthood and its people would have you believe that they are extracting just a mass of tisue – maybe like a cyst, or a polyp. But that is not the truth. Not even 1% the truth.

And when it is not lying about what it does and what kind of money it recieves for it, Planned Parenthood is raking in over a half a billion dollars a year of taxpayer-funded grants from the federal government. $528 million dollars last year.

Mengele was government funded also. Just thought I\’d mention.

Are you happy with where your tax money is going? What it is being used for? Than you should be just pleased as punch with what you just saw.

Are you?

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