Please click here to read¬†Aris Folley’s article for, which contains a video report, aired on CBS News this morning, suggesting that there really is a tape of Donald Trump using the “n” word (as they call it).

When you do, please note that:

-CBS admits the report is not verified,

-the tape segments played during the report do not contain Mr. Trump saying the “n” word,

-and Lynn Patton (assistant to Eric Trump),¬† is on tape pointing out that she specifically asked if he remembered using the word – presumably to do damage control if he had – and he flatly denied ever doing so (Remember, the tape was made before this supposed controversy became media’s latest get-Trump strategy).

So, to review: we are talking about a claim by a disgruntled former employee, who wrote a book that she herself has contradicted during interviews this week, which is completely unevidenced and completely unverified.

But it’s big news on CBS (and, no doubt, most other mainstream media) today.

Is this supposed to impress me?

Does it impress you?

Or does it reconfirm that when Donald Trump talks about “fake news”, he’s got a valid point?

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