How many times have you heard President Trump referred to as a “nazi”?  As “hitlerian”?  Are you like me, and have lost count?

Well, here’s the latest move from “nazi”/”hitlerian” Trump, from the Washington Post, via Ed Morrissey’s article for

In an announcement to be made within the next several weeks, the administration plans to voice its disapproval of the way the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, or UNRWA, spends the funds and to call for a sharp reduction in the number of Palestinians recognized as refugees, dropping it from more than 5 million, including descendants, to fewer than a tenth of that number, or those still alive from when the agency was created seven decades ago, according to officials familiar with the decision.

Any such reduction would effectively eliminate, for most Palestinians, the “right of return” to land contested with Israel. More immediately, many regional foreign policy and security experts, including in Israel, say that slashing UNRWA’s budget, amid a call to “de-register” refu­gees, would worsen an already disastrous humanitarian situation, especially in Gaza, and sharply increase the level of violence.

In addition to contributions to UNRWA, the United States has provided direct, bilateral assistance to the West Bank and Gaza. Last week, the State Department announced that more than $200 million in already appropriated aid for this year would be “redirected” elsewhere. The cuts in funding, along with shifts in policy, including recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, are part of a major reshaping of Middle East policy under President Trump.

So, the “nazi” Trump, fresh from moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (which has been United States policy for a quarter-century but no other President had the guts to do) is now refusing funds to the UNRWA – which, though not mentioned above, is that organization which funds the schools that teach Palestinian Arab children that Jews are the spawn of monkeys and pigs, and that they get a one-way ticket to heaven with Allah if they die killing Jews.

Speaking as a Jew, I find it hard to reconcile that, along with Trump’s decades-long support of Israel and his multitude of Jewish friends/business associates, as compatible with naziism.

Y’know, maybe the people calling him those things were then, and are now,  full of crap.

Oh, one other thing:  if, as  The Post laments, “slashing UNRWA’s budget, amid a call to “de-register” refu­gees, would worsen an already disastrous humanitarian situation, especially in Gaza”,  one possible solution might be for the hamas terrorist jihadists running Gaza to use the money they use for weapons and terror-tunnels to better the lives of their own people.  

Just a thought….

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