I’m starting to wonder whether, after hugo chavez and during nicolas maduro, the people of Caracas, Venezuela should be envying the people of Kabul, Afghanistan.

From Fabiola Zerpa and Alex Ramos’ article for

Caracas began going dry Monday as Venezuela’s power crisis put utilities out of commission, risking supplies for 5.5 million people, many of whom found themselves reduced to carrying buckets of filthy river water.

Service, intermittent in normal times, was scarce to nonexistent in large swathes of the capital and experts saw little reason for hope. Caracas is 900 meters above sea level and water comes from the Tuy system of reservoirs and pumping stations below. Those depend on a reliable electric supply of 2,000 megawatts, said Norberto Bausson, who was the head of state utility Hidrocapital in the 1990s.

“As of this morning, this system hasn’t been restarted yet,” Bausson said Monday. “The supply of water for the city is at risk.”

The power crisis — and now the water crisis — are testing the hold of strongman President Nicolas Maduro. Opposition leader Juan Guaido is trying to topple him after a re-election widely viewed as fraudulent and using as his main argument widespread deprivation after six years of Maduro’s rule. Hunger is widespread in the nation. Its infrastructure has decayed to critical levels.

Hard though it might seem to believe right now, it wasn’t so long ago that Caracas was a thriving metropolis in prosperous Venezuela – the envy of South America.

Then there was socialism, imposed by chavez, with maduro finishing the job.  And this is what it turned the country into.

I wish what has happened to Venezuela would be an instructive experience for people like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  I wish they would take a long, hard look at Venezuela and see the fruits of what they apparently think is a better system of government than the one we have.

But it won’t be, because these two – one by “virtue” of a lifetime in his fantasy world and the other by “virtue” of her ignorance and inexperience – seem impervious to learning from it.

I hope the rest of us are smarter.  A lot smarter.

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  • Venezuela just didn’t do it right, next time it will work, you’ll see.
    Famous last words of Wile E Coyote & stupid commies.

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