Did you know that, just in the past week, nine British members of parliament have left the Labour party due to it’s lurch to overt anti-semitism?

You can read all about it and Dan Sabbagh’s article at London’s Guardian.

Here is how it starts:

Ian Austin has become the ninth MP to quit the Labour party this week, although he told his local newspaper he had no plans to join the Independent Group (TIG), founded earlier this week by some former colleagues and Tory defectors.

The MP for Dudley North in the West Midlands has been disaffected with the party leadership for a couple of years and told the Express & Starnewspaper there was a “culture of extremism, antisemitism and intolerance” in Labour.

If I were a Democrat, this would trouble me greatly.

Why?  Because, similar to Britain’s Labour party, headed by overtly anti-Semitic jeremy corbyn, the United States Democratic party is lurching in exactly the same direction.

Is what is happening to Labour the canary in the coal mine for Democrats?   Is it indicative of what soon will be happening to to them?  Will we start seeing defections of house members and senators – not necessarily to the Republican party, just away from a Democrat party that is no longer recognizable or acceptable to them anymore?

Not only would this not surprise me, but, in fact, I am surprised it hasn’t happened already.

I wonder how long it will be before the first such defection; before the first Democrat announces he/she no longer has the stomach to stay within the party of ilhan omar and rashida tlaib.

Not very, I suspect.

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