Senator Kamala Harris was one of the half-dozen or so Great Anti-Trump Hopes given a huge media boost…only to be discarded like fish bones for the next media favorite.  Her poll numbers plunged accordingly and now she is not far from “all other” status.  And she doesn’t like it.

So how does Senator Harris regain her status as a major candidate for the Democrat nomination?

Well, apparently, her idea is to go on a far left show – MSNBC’s “AM Joy” – say this – not only about President Trump but about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh:

“Here’s the thing, Joy.  Basically, the president has confessed and there is evidence of consciousness of guilt which is, they tried to bury the transcript. We’ve got a transcript. I mean frankly, people have said to me you know ‘do you think these hearings are going to take very long?’ Not really because there’s a whole lot of direct evidence including his virtual confession.”

“So we just need to get on with it and not be distracted by the okie-doke and those people who would have us looking at the shiny thing over there,”

I guess I’m just not paying much attention, because I don’t recall any “confession” by President Trump.  Do you?

If this is how Ms. Harris figures to get back into the “who can say the most idiotic thing about President Trump that will gin up the hard left base and win a couple of primaries” sweepstakes, however, it might get her a few polling points back.  That crowd likes sh…er, stuff like this.  But, somehow, I suspect it is going to fall short.

It’s probably just a case of too many of them being distracted by the okie-doke…

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