Here is the latest news about the Joe Biden scandal, that every major network – with the exception of Fox – and most major newspapers, such as the New York Times, Washington Post, etc., are withholding from you.

Excerpted from Andrew Kerr’s article at

An email Hunter Biden received in April 2015 from a Burisma executive discussing an introduction to then-Vice President Joe Biden, which lies at the heart of a New York Post investigation, is unquestionably authentic, a cybersecurity expert told the Daily Caller News Foundation on Thursday.

The DCNF obtained a full copy of Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday. The DCNF provided Robert Graham, the founder of the cybersecurity firm Errata Security, with a copy of the email and its metadata for forensic analysis.

And here is the email itself:

This not only puts the lie to Joe Biden’s claim that he never discussed business with his son Hunter (an obvious absurdity even without the emails),…

…but it reinforces the equally obvious fact – for anyone who bothers to look – that Joe Biden has spend many years using his power and influence in the U.S. Senate, and then as Vice President, to enrich his family and himself.

The fact that virtually none of our media asks Biden a thing about this, asks him a thing about the fact that Biden uber-insider Tony Bobulinski went public and disclosed meetings he personally had with Biden where this was done, or anything else about this scandal, tells you everything you need to know about said (make that sad) media.

They are without ethics.  They are without integrity.  They are shameless shills for the Biden candidacy.

I don’t know how they look themselves in the mirror.

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