Here is a riddle for you:  How did a loser like Hunter Biden become rich?

And here is your answer:  because his father was a Senator, then a Vice President, and used his influence to make him rich.

I have written several blogs about this already.  But David Harsanyi’s just-published analysis in the New York Post covers this so well that I’m doing so again.

Here are a few excerpts:

Wherever Joe Biden went, son Hunter cashed in

Biden has been leading the Democratic field. The central case for his candidacy rests on the supposedly exemplary work he did as a senior member of Team Obama. Well, in 2016, acting as the Obama administration’s point man in Ukraine, the vice president — unlike Trump — openly threatened to withhold $1 billion in American loan guarantees if the embattled nation didn’t fire the country’s top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin…he had been investigating Burisma, the largest gas company in Ukraine, which also happened to be paying Hunter Biden a $50,000 monthly salary as a board member.

By coincidence, Hunter had landed this cushy gig in a foreign country only a few months after the Obama ­administration began dispatching his father, Joe, to the very same foreign country on a regular basis.

There was, of course, absolutely nothing in Hunter’s résumé to indicate that he would be a valuable addition to foreign energy interest. He didn’t speak the language, and he had no particular expertise in the energy industry. Oh, he did have one thing, though: his last name.

…in 2010, despite having virtually no experience in the field. And only a few months into his tenure, the company (run by Biden’s son, Hunter and brother, James) would win one of its biggest contracts in its history, a $1.5 billion deal to build affordable homes in Iraq.

By pure happenstance, Joe was also the Obama administration’s point man in Iraq at the time. Funny how these things work out.

How badly does this stink?  So bad that I can almost smell it right through my computer.

But, with Democrats in control of the House, don’t count on seeing any hearings about this.  It doesn’t count.  Wrong party.

Simply stated, Donald Trump’s conversation with President Zelensky, in which there was no threat and no quid pro quo demanded, is impeachable.  But Joe Biden’s on-video bragging that he threatened to withhold $1 billion dollars unless the then-Ukrainian President fired an investigator looking into the company paying his kid $600,000 a year for no reason other than his last name, is irreproachable.

And our “play-along, they’re Democrats” media wonder why fewer and fewer people trust them?  Wow.


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