As you may be aware, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who is front and center in trying to unravel the deep state effort to remove Donald Trump from the presidency, has suddenly – 25 or so years after the fact – been accused of knowing about instances of sexual harassment while an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University but doing nothing about it.

Please note he is not being accused of the sexual harassment itself (though, the deep state being what it is, that may be coming).

I thought you might be interested to see what his main accuser, someone named Mike DeSabato, wrote to Ohio State University last month.

Here, from Melanie Zanona’s article at, is part if its contents:

“Our intent is to expeditiously reach a negotiated settlement, without conflict, that compensates the victims for the trauma they have suffered because of this sex abuse, deals with the individual that knew of this situation, but chose to do nothing about it, and corrects the atmosphere that may still at exist at OSU.  I request a meeting with all OSU representatives deemed appropriate within the next two weeks to commence the settlement discussions in this matter.”

“If I do not hear from you within this time period, I will assume OSU does not wish to enter into discussions with the victims directly and will be forced to pursue other avenues towards resolution.  At that point we will all lose the opportunity to control the extent of the public relations damage and the true winners in this situation, as in the case with Michigan State, will be the lawyers.”

In other words, this guy wants money.  So he comes forth with a claim, gets several other former OSU wrestlers in on it (they also get money if this works), and says, in effect, “we’ll shut up if you pay”.

Does the word blackmail come to mind?  Exactly the way it comes to mind when you think of stormy daniels, weeks before the presidential election, suddenly asking for “shut-up” money, or she’ll make claims that, even if untrue, would sink any chance of Trump winning?

Jordan clams that, if sexual harassment occurred during that period, he did not know about it and would have dealt with it if he did.

Since there is no way to prove someone did or did not know something, there is no way to prove or disprove either the charges against Jordan or his response to them.

And there is no way to prove he didn’t…..uh, didn’t do what?  He is not accused of personally doing anything at all, only not telling authorities about what someone else did…

…along with everyone else who would have known – a little something that media should be wondering about.  If this occurred and the wrestling staff had to have known about it, isn’t it odd that none of the wrestlers and none of the staff ever came forward for a quarter century?

And isn’t it convenient that this suddenly surfaces when Jordan is aggressively challenging what amounts to an attempt to overthrow our legally elected government?

This stinks, folks.  Badly.  And it would be nice to see at least some media people reminding us that its timing, the opportunities to blackmail Jordan/OSU, and the “there’s no way to defend yourself” nature of the charges, are where the stink is emanating from.


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