According to a story at KIRO-7 TV in Seattle:

A judge ruled Friday that a petition to recall Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan can move forward as there was enough evidence for one of seven allegations against her, accusing the mayor of violating her oath of office.

And what is the allegation which will allow the recall petition to move forward?

-Is it that Mayor durkan allowed the streets of Seattle to be taken over by a conglomeration of anarchists, Black Lives Matter radicals and street thugs?

-Is it that, for almost a month, she allowed the residents and the businesses on those streets to be subjected to rule by whichever lunatic/criminal had the loudest bullhorn and could say “fuck” more than whoever had the next-loudest bullhorn?

-Is it that she allowed just about every building there to be defaced/damaged…and where the anarchists/radicals/street thugs had a free pass to take whatever they wanted from whatever businesses had anything of value there?

-Is it that she only had the police get rid of them after they harangued her at her own home?

Nope, nope, nope and nope.

The petition drive has been granted on the basis that:

“Mayor Durkan failed to institute new policies and safety measures for SPD to prohibit the use of tear gas and other chemical crowd control agents by SPD when such use would be particularly detrimental to public health during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Recall Petitioners further allege that Mayor Durkan knowingly allowed SPD officers to continue to use chemical crowd control agents over many days without concern for the health and well-being of the community, constituting misfeasance, malfeasance, and violation of oath of office. Any alleged failure of Mayor Durkan to prohibit use of chemical crowd control agents by SPD based on the early conduct before she can be said to have been aware, are legally and factually insufficient. To the extent the allegations pertain to failure to step in to stop the use of chemical crowd control agents after Mayor Durkan is alleged to have become aware of and opposed to their alleged use on peaceful protesters as a means of crowd control, such allegations are legally and factually sufficient to go forward.”

In other words, it is because durkan was too hard on the rioters/vandals/looters/arsonists…er, “peaceful protesters”.

I used to like Seattle.  It was a nice city to travel to.  Loved that Pike Place market.

But, tell you what.  I think I will be avoiding Seattle from now on…based on the fact that it has turned into a left-wing lunatic asylum.

My sympathies to the residents who did not want it to become what now has degenerated into. Boy are you ever stuck.

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