There has been an attack at Turkey’s Istanbul Airport.  Initial reports are two, maybe three, explosions resulting in 10 dead and 40 injured.  You can bet those numbers are not final.

Who do you think did this?  The best bets are:

-Radical Islam, those nice folks that Barack Obama is trying to pretend out of existence, or

-Kurdish nationals demanding an independent Kurdistan carved out of Turkey and northern Iraq.

One other thing:  the timing of this attack, days after Turkey and Israel announced an intent to normalize relations, could be why as well.

Stay tuned….

UPDATE:  As of 7:10 Eastern Time, the death toll is over 30.  And reports are that it appears to be an ISIS attack (that’s ISIL to you Mr. President…assuming you aren’t calling this gay bashing or workplace violence).

More as I get it.

FURTHER UPDATE:  Now we are told that there are 41 dead, with the ultimate total probably about 50 – and well over 200 injured (one estimate has it at 239).

Turkish officials seem convinced this was an ISIS attack, but that is not yet confirmed.


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