Since the major networks refuse to cover the IRS scandal, I thought I\’d let you know that, with a hat tip to Bill Whitlock of, about 6,500 “unrecoverable” emails of lois “liar” lerner\’s have been uncovered.

lerner, you may recall, headed the IRS Tax Exempt Division, when 501(c)4 applicants with names suggesting they might oppose Barack Obama\’s policies, were held up for years, while the IRS made one unreasonable demand after another, including, among other things, their membership lists.

Will there be smoking guns in those emails?  No one knows until they have been looked at. 

But is it news that they have been uncovered? 

It is to Fox, and it is to CNN.  But not to NBC, CBS or ABC, none of which gave this even one second\’s time this morning (we\’ll see how tonight\’s network news shows do).

And, yes, these are the same media people who squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased.

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