I just read an interesting analysis, in the Los Angeles Times, of why Iran is in a state of turmoil and violence – with protests in cities throughout the country and over 100 dead so far (the actual death count, Iran news sources being what they are, is probably a great deal higher).

It’s Trump’s fault.

Here is the beginning of Melissa Etehad and Ramin Mostaghim’s article, which explains the reasons Trump is to blame:

When tens of thousands of Iranians nationwide began taking to the streets more than a week ago to protest gasoline price hikes of as much as 50%, security forces quickly clamped down.

Across Iran, more than 100 demonstrators have been killed, dozens of others injured and thousands arrested, according to international human rights activists.

Analysts say the brutal government reaction reflects growing unity among the country’s political elites, signaling that President Hassan Rouhani’s government — once labeled as relatively moderate — has shifted significantly to the right and is increasingly aligning with the country’s hard-line Islamic religious leaders.

The shift, experts say, is a sign that Iranian moderates and reformers have increasingly lost influence following President Trump’s withdrawal last year from the landmark multinational 2015 nuclear accord with Iran and his subsequent reimposition of tough economic sanctions.

Well, there you have it.  It’s Trump’s fault for sure.  After all “analysts say” and “experts say” as much.

Which analysts?  Which experts?  Who knows?  The Times article mentions just one.  But, then again, who cares?  It’s all on Trump, so what’s the difference?

Yes it is true that Trump withdrew from the Iran “deal” – the one that, based on the current regime’s 40 years in power, there was no reason to believe it would abide by.  You know, the “deal” that had a 35 day escape clause (paragraph 36) the Iranian government could use at will.

And the sanctions?  How could Trump impose sanctions?  I mean, all Iran did was foment international terrorism throughout the world, and make itself so threatening to Arab countries in the middle east that several – Saudi Arabia most notable among them – are actually in a tenuous alliance with Israel, because protecting themselves from Iran is a mutual concern.

But, of course, none of this counts at all.  The problem is entirely one of Donald Trump’s making.  Just ask any of the analysists and experts cited in the L.A. Times didn’t mention by name.

Is this really supposed to be an honest, informative analysis?  Personally, I have different adjectives in mind…one of them in three words, with the first two being “full of”.

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