My wife and I are taking our grandson to see the Intrepid next month.

I call it Round II, because Round I, our original date, was January 18th, when the rain and ice made it impossible to go.

My purpose in mentioning this is not to tell you that seeing such an iconic aircraft carrier is worthwhile; I\’m sort of hoping you already know as much.  The Intrepid was commissioned in 1943, used extensively during World War II, then decommissioned, significantly updated, and re-commissioned for use as an anti-submarine carrier. It was also a recovery ship for both the Mercury and Gemini space missions before permanently being decommissioned in 1974 and becoming the foundation for the Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum on Manhattan\’s West Side. 

But you knew all that anyway, didn\’t you? (Joking, of course).

My purpose in mentioning this is to make note of the fact that, in scheduling, canceling and rescheduling our trip, the three people we spoke to – Zach, Fontaine and Sara Jane – could not have been more pleasant, more informative or more accommodating.

In this day of endless voice menus, script-readers, and indifferent personnel who clearly would rather be doing anything than helping you, this was so refreshing a change that I thought they deserved a public acknowledgement.  So here it is.

I\’ll let you know how the trip itself went after we have been there.

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