No need to blog very much here. I\’ll let Mike Dickinson – the Democrat seeking to unseat Eric Cantor in Virgina –  speak for himself.

Here is a sampling of his tweets from four days ago (you can see a lot more of Dickinson\’s similarly, er, intelligent tweets by clicking here):


Wow haha. We stirred the pot by saying Fox News needed regulation for telling nothing but lies. Many Foxheads came out the woodwork. Good.

9:44 PM – 17 Feb 2014 


Fox News does nothing but tell lies and mistruths. They have unqualified political analysts. We need FCC to monitor and regulate them.

9:47 PM – 17 Feb 2014 


Fully support first amendment. News is news, entertainment is entertainment. Fox News is in the later category.

9:57 PM – 17 Feb 2014 


What Hannity does, is no different then what @KevinHart4real does. Both get first amendment protection but both are entertainment.

9:59 PM – 17 Feb 2014 


I like @KevinHart4real he\’s a great comic. His show are his opinions on news and life. Just like Hannity. Laugh at it. But it\’s not fact.

10:01 PM – 17 Feb 2014 


FoxNews should be presented as entertainment. It\’s like mad magazine ifAlfred E Newman was a racist.

10:07PM – 17 Feb 2014 DickinsonForCongress@VoteMike2014

ActuallySean Hannity is Alfred E Newman.

10:08PM – 17 Feb 2014

Are you impressed? Somehow I doubt it.

Do you think that – based on how many times they have done so in the past – if media found a similarly brain-twisted Republican candidate running against a well known Democrat, they\’d have told you he was tweeting this kind of material?

That asked, have you ever heard of Mike Dickinson until you read this blog, let alone been treated to his level of discourse? (I\’m betting the answer will almost certainly be “no”).

Finally, d\’ya think this just might be a case of media bias?


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