John Kass, who writes for the Chicago Tribune, has put out an excellent commentary in which he, most deservedly, derides the ridiculous articles of impeachment against President Trump.

There are many reasons to call them ridiculous – the most significant being that they are based on exactly no facts or evidence – which is why, in order to concoct them, Democrats have repeatedly lied about what the July 25th call transcript between President Trump and President Zelenksy actually says.

-One example is repeatedly changing President Trump’s request for an investigation from “I would like you to do us a favor though, because our country has been through a lot…”” to “I want you to do a favor for me“, to make it sound like this was only for his personal benefit- which it obviously was not.

-Another is claiming foreign aid was being withheld until President Zelensky promised an investigation – which has been flat-out denied by Zelensky on several occasions:  Zelensky has stated he was unaware that any money was even being withheld.

-And there are others as well.

But Mr. Kass, in this commentary, hits on the shrinkage of these impeachment articles from what we were told they would be for the past three years.

This is how he starts:

Where did the Trump impeachment go?

When House Democrats began selling tickets to their President Donald Trump Impeachment Theater — shouting their outrage, preening on those late-night talk shows — it was much meatier business.

It would be full of collusion with Russia, blackmail of Ukraine, it would contain extortion and go heavy on bribery.

The way the Democrats sold it, Americans were to expect some giant roast, bone in, with a rich, thick gravy, to feed a nation longing for justice from Orange Man Bad.

At least, that’s what Democrats promised. But that’s not what they delivered for consideration for a vote by the full House, was it?

What they offered weren’t High Crimes and Misdemeanors. They didn’t serve up alleged crimes. Instead, they offered only attitude and rhetoric, without meat and bone.

They promised everything and yet ended up providing nothing, like air sandwiches offered to feed that angry mob they’ve stoked since the day Trump infuriated them by not losing the election to Hillary Clinton.

I couldn’t have said it better.

No evidence of collusion.  Or obstruction of justice.  Or extortion.  Or bribery (a fully evidenced instance of which, as Mr. Kass points out further on in his piece, is Joe Biden’s withholding of $1 billion in aid unless the prosecutor investigating his ne’er-do-well son’s “job” with Burisma was fired).  None.

Nothing but hearsay and opinions of “witnesses” who, with exactly one exception (himself a Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter), were hand-picked by Democrats – so, OF COURSE their hearsay and opinions were going to be anti-Trump.

And this was hardly anything new:  the Mueller “investigation” started with a staff of 16 members:  3 unaffiliated (or so we were told) and every one of the other 13 Democrats – including several who literally donated money to Hillary Clinton.  Not one Republican among them.

So, after three years of a kangaroo-court “investigation” and two kangaroo-court hearings in the House of Representatives, all they could come up with are two charges – abuse of power and obstruction of congress – so nebulous that no one even knows what they mean, let alone how they could be proved.

I thank John Kass, for pointing this out so, er, meatily.

And  I am sure, that – since public support for impeachment has dropped during this imbecilic farce – especially among independents, the folks whose votes are most likely to move with events – Republicans are thanking Democrats as well.

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