With great thanks to the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel – and an apology for reprinting so much of her latest commentary (more than I usually would), I would like to show you what is really going on in the so-called “impeachment inquiry” – i.e. what mainstream media are happy to either ignore or underreport in an effort to run cover for the adam-schiff-led Democrats as they continue this farce.

Please pay special attention to the paragraphs I have put in bold print:

Rep. Elise Stefanik was informed this week by Republican House Intelligence Committee staffers of a new diktat from Chairman Adam Schiff. It made the New York Republican’s jaw drop.

Democrats had informed Republicans that, from here on out, the committee would produce a single, printed transcript of every interview it conducted as part of its impeachment inquiry. Only members of the three committees involved in the purported inquiry would be allowed to view that printout, and only in the presence of a Democratic staffer. Ms. Stefanik—an elected member of Congress who sits on the Intelligence Committee—will be babysat while reading by an unelected employee of the Democrats.

“It’s outrageous, and it’s an abuse of power,” Ms. Stefanik said in an interview. “Every constituent across this country deserves to have their members have access to all the facts.”

Welcome to impeachment, Schiff-style. Democrats keep their witnesses locked behind secure doors, then flood the press with carefully sculpted leaks and accusations, driving the Trump-corruption narrative. And so the party goes, galloping toward an impeachment vote that would overturn the will of the American voters—on a case built in secret.

Conservative commentators keep noting that Mrs. Pelosi’s refusal to hold a vote on the House floor to authorize an official impeachment inquiry helps her caucus’s vulnerable members evade accountability. But there’s a more practical and uglier reason for Democrats to skip the formalities. Normally an authorization vote would be followed by official rules on how the inquiry would proceed. Under today’s process, Mr. Schiff gets to make up the rules as he goes along. Behold the Lord High Impeacher.

In other words, this farce, this soviet-style show trial, is being run in secret, with Republicans given no rights and as minimal access to information as possible, by adam schiff – who not only is a serial liar, but – because of his lie about not speaking to the whistleblower beforehand – is a fact witness to this farce, who therefore should have been recused from running any part of it.  Witnesses for one side don’t run trials.

This is what is really going on here.  This is what our media are doing their level best to hide from you.

Which country does it make you think of?

I’ll bet plenty that the answer is somewhere other than the United States of America.


Oh, one other thing, in the form of a question to Morning Joe’s donny deutsch:  Is Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) one of those “White guys” you were talking about?

Some people really do not know when to keep their mouths shut, do they?

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