I put this blog up last December 4th, during the House “impeachment inquiry”.  I repeated it on December 12th.

I am repeating it again today – in the hopes that, this third time, someone will ask the question it contains:

I have steeled my resolve, and listened to a good deal of this morning’s supposedly neutral testimony from four constitutional law scholars.

Their entire impeachment premise is predicated on the assumption that President Trump committed impeachable offenses by  withholding aid to the Ukraine unless there was an investigation of the Bidens’involvement with Burisma.

The fact that there is no such demand in the call transcript, and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenski has stated on multiple occasions that he was neither threatened with the withholding of aid nor felt any pressure to provide such an investigation, apparently, is meaningless to them.

But, all this aside, there is a question that has not yet been asked. One that, I think, bears directly on the premise of this impeachment inquiry and therefore should be asked of each constitutional scholar… and of every member of the House Judiciary Committee:

“It has been claimed that an investigation of the Bidens would be beneficial to President Trump.

“But would it be beneficial to Elizabeth Warren? Bernie Sanders? Pete Buttigieg? Or any other Democrat opponent of Joe Biden? 

“Because, if the answer is yes – which it, of course, is – then the request for an investigation would be to the detriment of President Trump if one of those three, or any other opponent of Joe Biden, became the Democrat nominee.   

“And since no one knows who the eventual nominee will be, it means that President Trump, by asking for such an investigation, might have been damaging his own presidential chances in 2020.   

“Therefore, how can anyone possibly conclude that this request was made to benefit President Trump?”

 That’s a pretty good question, isn’t it?

How I would love someone to ask it…and then hear how any of the people it would be asked of would answer it.


At this point I have little hope of ever getting an answer to that question.  But maybe this third time will be the charm.  You never know.


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  • It is a very profound question. First of all, as said, investigating the Bidens would benefit the other candidates immensely. Secondly, with a compliant media, if this exercise is successful, both Biden and Trump would be damaged allowing a far left candidate, and don’t doubt for a minute that Mayor Pete isn’t far left, to sneak off with the election. It is the old story of trying to get two birds with one stone. Hopefully, it won’t work. What I still find hard to comprehend is why does the President continue to take this abuse? His legacy will shine and be felt for a long time.

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