Of all the material I have read on the adam schiff-led, nancy pelosi-sanctioned impeachment farce, Michael Goodwin’s commentary in today’s New York Post is among the very best.

I will show you a few paragraphs below.  But, in reading it, please understand that it is just a small fraction of why this is a must-read from beginning to end:

Take the talking point that the president engaged in an improper quid pro quo by promising arms to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation of Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s $50,000-a-month cushy gig there. It has everything on its side except a clear set of facts.

Ukraine got the arms — arms Barack Obama refused to give — but Trump never got the Biden investigation or one into what role Ukraine played in 2016

If you don’t hate Trump beyond all measure, watching the left’s outrage over this is like watching a TV program in a foreign language you don’t understand. You can pick up an occasional word, but ultimately, the whole thing is baffling.

The process is a big part of the problem, as Schiff and his team blatantly mix the allegations of an anonymous “whistleblower” with the worries, concerns and fears of bureaucrats left out of the loop. These officials’ disagreement with Trump isn’t an ordinary event because they, too, apparently view him as an illegitimate president.

Once you cross that bridge in your mind, everything Trump does must be seen in the darkest possible light. If he removes an ambassador, it must be for nefarious reasons. If he changes policy or ignores certain protocols, it is your duty to bring him down.

The challenge of the public hearings, then, is tantamount to proving Trump was guilty of colluding with Russia after Robert Mueller said there was insufficient evidence even to level the charge.

Oops, sorry to mix my wild goose chases, but it is hard to keep them separate because they are essentially interchangeable. The conclusion has always come first — get Trump — then create a justification by weaving a few thin threads together into a noose.

Does that get your attention?  Make you want to read the rest?  I would hope so.

Well, you’ve got the link.  In fact, here it is again.  Please use it, read every word, and you will have a clear understanding of just how fraudulent, how ridiculous, this farce really is.

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