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From Chuck Ross\’s article at

The Department of Homeland Security is seeking to shift blame for the failure to detain an illegal alien who was briefly apprehended by sheriff\’s deputies in Ohio three weeks ago and is now accused of murdering a 60-year-old woman during a crime spree on Monday.

On Wednesday, a spokeswoman for DHS told The Daily Caller that Lake County sheriff\’s deputies had declined an offer to personally interview the illegal alien, 35-year-old Juan Emmanuel Razo-Ramirez, during a suspicious person stop on July 7.

But the federal agency\’s claim comes a day after Lake County sheriff Daniel Dunlap said in a press conference that Border Patrol told his deputies during that stop three weeks ago not to take Razo-Ramirez, a Mexican national, into custody.

Razo-Ramirez reportedly admitted to shooting Margaret Kostelnik in her home on Monday. The killing came hours after Razo-Ramirez allegedly tried to rape his niece, a 14-year-old girl, and then shot a 40-year-old woman in the shoulder in a park near Kostelnik\’s house. After killing Kostelnik, who worked for 27 years as the assistant to the mayor of nearby Willoughby, Razo-Ramirez was apprehended following a brief standoff with police.


DHS and the Border Patrol argue over which of them should be blamed for allowing the illegal alien on the streets where he murdered an innocent woman. Meanwhile, an innocent woman is dead, another innocent woman is shot and a 14 year old girl was almost raped.

Actions have consequences. Allowing a tidal wave of illegals into the country with little or no vetting of any kind (why else is the Obama administration so dilligently hiding what it does with them) has consequences.

What makes me so sure of this? Well, since 2012, according to the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services agency, 664,607 applications were approved. And, as Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner tells us:

Of those granted amnesty, at least 49 had gang ties, six had a possible link to terrorism and 3,959 had indicators of fraud. Just 43,375 have been denied.

That\’s a total of 707,982 applications. the 43,375 rejections total about 6%. If you honestly believe that 94% of the illegal aliens since 2012 would pass a serious vetting process, you are on crack.

But, then again, what\’s the difference? If mainstream media do not report stories like this, how would anyone know? And where else have you seen this information other than here, and the links I\’ve provided?

Put another way, we all know about Cecil the lion. We all know about a cop being arrested for killing a Black driver after stopping his car. But this? Bury the story. It makes Barack Obama look bad, and we can\’t have that, can we?

Keep \’em ignorant and you own \’em.

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