Shtup: to have sexual intercourse with; to give someone something in an unsavory/shady way.

Rep. ilhan omar (D-MN) is a scandal-ridden, anti-Semitic House member who may well have committed felonies by pretending her biological brother was her husband and filing joint tax returns with him.

Tim Mynett was, and remains, a “political consultant” to Rep. ilhan omar.  He also, according to numerous reports, was shtupping her while she was married to her then-current husband.

omar has now divorced her husband, and Mynett’s wife/the mother of his child has filed for divorce as well.

And while this has been going on, omar, in turn, has been shtupping Mynett’s organization with hundreds of thousands of dollars in, er, political payments.

Here is the latest, excerpted from Ralph R. Ortega and Martin Gould’s article for London’s Daily Mail:

  • Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota paid her political consultant and lover $147,000 for services, in addition to hundreds of thousands in other payments
  • Peter Flaherty, chairman of the conservative National Legal and Policy Center in October filed an an amended complaint into Omar’s campaign spending
  • In that complaint, he already had told the Federal Election Commission that Omar made more than $369,000 in payments to Mynett since August of 2018
  • Nearly $25,000 was for travel expenses, according to records filed with the FEC. If the payments helped the affair, then they were made for personal reasons

A question for the Democrat-controlled house:  is is just possible that you can take time out from your regularly scheduled impeachment witch-hunt to investigate this?

I’m not holding my breath waiting for an answer.  In fact, anyone who thinks Democrats are going to do so is, well, shtupid.

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