With apologies to writers Redd Evans and Dave Mann, along with singer Bobby Vinton…

Here, to the tune of “There I’ve Said It Again”, is what I am calling “The ilhan omar Song” – her message to Jews:

I hate you, there’s nothing to hide
It’s better than burning inside
I hate you, no use to pretend
There, I’ve said it again

I’ve said it, what more can I say
Believe me, there’s no other way
I hate you, I will to the end
There, I’ve said it again

I’ve tried to drum up
A phrase that would sum up
All that I feel inside
But my mind’s just plastered
With “dirty Jew bastard”
And that should do, for the likes of you, 

Pelosi, said “you ‘pologize”
I did so, but one look in my eyes
Shows I’ll hate you, ’til heaven knows when
There, I’ve said it again

rashida tlaib, feel free to sing along.

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