These highlights, from Luke Rosiak’s article at, tell the story vividly:

  • The Howard County, Maryland, school board voted to implement a massive, 1970s-style busing program Thursday, despite overwhelming opposition.
  • After one vote failed, members went into a back room, and when they came out, one of the members who voted “no” was crying. They did a do-over and she changed her vote.
  • Board member Jennifer Mallo lectured to constituents who voiced displeasure, saying it was a “privilege” that they got to witness the meeting, admonishing them not criticize her on social media, and complaining about her salary.
  • Immigrants from China and the former Soviet Union said that what they were witnessing reminded them of the totalitarian regimes where they grew up.

School bussing to “even the score” for minority students does not work.  Almost everywhere it has been tried it was a disaster, and eventually rescinded.

It infuriates parents, regardless of color.

The people of Howard County, Maryland DO NOT WANT IT.

But their social-justice-warrior school board knows better than everyone else.  So, now, children, at enormous taxpayer expense, are going to be bused out of their neighborhoods into school districts where they don’t live.

What a great testament to our freedoms as Americans.

A reminder, however, to the enraged residents of Howard County:  you elected this bunch of arrogant fascists to that school board.  These are your people at work.

Now, what are you going to do about it?

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  • They will just take it. That is what Americans seem to do best these days, we just take the injustice and go on with our fast food lives.

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