We now have 433 of the 435 House seats called by just about everyone.  The remaining two are Iowa’s 2nd District where Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks leads over Democrat Rita Hart by 6 votes and New York’s 22nd District, where Republican Claudia Tenney leads Anthony Brindisi by 12 votes.

Assuming the parties split these two final races, the House Of Representatives will wind up with 223 Democrats and 212 Republicans.  Democrats will therefore retain their majority in the house.

However, going into this election Democrats had a decisive majority of 35 seats (232 to 197, plus several vacant seats).  That will have dropped by over 2/3 to a far more tenuous 11 seats.

What is the fallout from this different?  As pointed out in previous blogs, it will be extremely difficult for the far-left faction – which, increasingly, runs the Democrat Party – to pass their legislative agenda.  All it would take is a handful of Democrats who oppose such an agenda and/or are mindful of how badly Democrats did in this latest election, to defect and prevent it from happening.

You might remember that a number of so-called “pundits” were predicting Democrats would substantially increase their House majority this year.  The fact that this went completely in the opposite direction is a message;  one that might not resonate with “the squad” and their pals, but that most Democrats and Republicans, I assure you, hear loud and clear.

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