As I write this, 222 house seats have been won by Democrats, 205 have been won by Republicans, and every one of the other 8 still-uncalled races show a lead for the Republican (four of them seemingly insurmountable).

Let’s assume Republicans win those four and split the other two.  This would result in Democrats retaining their majority for the next two years, but by 224  to 211 – a far cry from the 232 – 197 majority they currently hold (plus 5 vacancies and one Libertarian).

This would also mean that, if Republicans hold firm, it would take just 7 Democrat defections to give them a majority on any piece of legislation.

And given that we have the far left contingent intending to pass things like the “green new deal”, college debt “forgiveness” and socialized medicine – which moderate Democrats (yes, there are still a number of them) want about as much as they want an advanced case of impetigo…

…the new, nearly-even house composition should make a sizable chunk – maybe most – of their agenda DOA.

This would be especially true if Republicans hold one or both of the Georgia Senate seats in January 5th’s runoff elections, thus retaining a Republican majority in that body.

It’s going to be an interesting two years.

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