Let me start by pointing out that I do not know if the information that you are about to read is accurate.

But I have found its source, David Greenfield, accurate enough in the things I can check, to recommend his latest commentary about the three top Democrat presidential hopefuls (at least as of now), Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden – the homes they own and how hypocritical they are to own them.

Want a taste?  OK – here’s what he found out about “Middle Class Joe” Biden, that nice fellow who has so much Black support:

His current four acre spread in Greenville is in an area that is 85% white and less than 5% black. That’s the home he owns. In reality, Biden lives in McLean, in a $6 million miniature version of the White House with crystal chandeliers, a home theater, and parking for 20 cars.

The McLean area of Virginia is 71% white and less than 2% black.

Finally, Biden has a $3 million six-bedroom vacation home in Rehoboth Beach with a view of the Atlantic Ocean, 3 indoor fireplaces, and a dog shower. Rehoboth Beach boasts 7 black residents. That’s not a percentage. It’s 7 black people. (But that’s still more black people than are supporting Buttigieg.)

“Hey, wait a minute”, you might say:  “Biden has spent his entire life in elective politics, which doesn’t pay anything remotely near what he’d need to have those three homes.  Where did he get the money?”

That’s one helluva good question.  Maybe he used some of the same techniques that made his son, Hunter, and Brother, James, so well-to-do.  Or maybe they just showed their appreciation.

Now, tell me:  if Joe Biden owns, and pays for, two homes with a net value of $9 million dollars (plus the Greenville home), don’t you think it would be of some interest to our media how he does it?

Then how come no one seems to be asking – even in the face of the Hunter Biden – Burisma/China/Romania and James Biden -Iraq, er, “business deals” (which you can read all about in Ryan Grim’s article for the New York Post).  Why wouldn’t they be all over this?

Oh, wait.  Joe Biden is a Democrat, isn’t he?

Never mind.  Wrong party.

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