From Matthew Lee and Mary Clare Jalonick’s article at the Associated Press, we have this:

The State Department has completed its internal investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s use of private email and found violations by 38 people, some of whom may face disciplinary action.

The department determined that those 38 people were “culpable” in 91 cases of sending classified information in messages that ended up in Clinton’s personal email. The 38 are current and former State Department officials but were not identified in the report that was sent to Congress this week.

The investigation covered 33,000 emails that Clinton turned over for review after her use of the private email account became public. The department said it found a total of 588 violations involving information then or now deemed to be classified, but could not assign fault in 497 cases.

Let’s review.  The State Department has uncovered:

-588 violations,

-91 cases of sending classified information in messages that ended up in Clinton’s personal email, for which

-38 current and former State Department officials are on the hook,

-and 497 additional instances for which the investigation could not assign fault.

Could not assign fault?  Could not assign fault???

I think I can help the State Department out on this one.


Does that help with the 497 – not to mention the other 91?

This is the Hillary Clinton email scandal.  In full bloom.  In full view.

Yet what we are seeing is a Saint Vitus dance of blame, twisting and jerking in every direction but the one right in front of everyone…

…while, simultaneously, we are experiencing the continuation – behind closed doors, where no one can see – of an “impeachment inquiry” Democrats are conducting, over a telephone call between President Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky in which both parties state, categorically, that nothing improper occurred.

If this doesn’t scream DEEP STATE at the top of its lungs, what does?

Maybe that’s what we should call it from now on.  The Deep State Department.  The shoe sure as %)#^&! fits, doesn’t it?


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