I am putting this as a separate blog because I didn’t want it to soil President Bush’s obituary.

Here, a second time is the partial summary of what George H. W. Bush accomplished in his life…before he was President:

-He was a military hero during World War II – one of the two youngest navy pilots in history.

-After graduating Yale – in just three years – he became a successful business man, becoming wealthy in the oil industry .

-He was a two-term congressperson from Texas.

-He was our Ambassador to the United Nations.

-He was our Ambassador to China.

-He headed the CIA.

-He was a two-term Vice President under Ronald Reagan.

Remember when Hillary Clinton’s people – with no disagreement from from Ms. Clinton – were touting her as “the most qualified presidential nominee in history”?

Would someone like to put up a list of Ms. Clinton’s accomplishments that exceeds what you just read?   Or comes anywhere remotely close?

Yet barely any of our media challenged her absolutely ridiculous, dishonest claim.  Was it that she was a Democrat, a Clinton, or both?  My bet is in door #3.

I’ll leave it to you to decide what that says about our media.

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