As david hogg and Emma Gonzalez fade from media attention, we have this incident – also at a Florida high school – which, outside of the local news, was barely covered by mainstream media.

From Jeff Weiner’s article at the Orlando Sentinel:

Sky Bouche smuggled a sawed-off shotgun onto Forest High School’s campus inside a guitar case, authorities said.

Once on school grounds, the 19-year-old donned a tactical vest and gloves inside a campus bathroom — before firing one round through a classroom door, which wounded a 17-year-old student.

Those were among details released by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office hours after the shooting sparked terror at the school Friday, on the same day as a nationwide walkout to protest gun violence.

In a statement, the Sheriff’s Office said Bouche told detectives he had planned to carry out a shooting April 13, but changed his mind. He said he then researched mass shootings and decided to target a school, believing that would attract more media attention, the statement said.

One student with a minor injury, then peaceful surrender.  A happy ending for the students at Forest High School.

But tell me:  what if  sky bouche – who got into the school with a shotgun undetected by school authorities, then got into a bathroom where he put on the physical equipment that he would wear to commit a Parkland-like massacre – did not have second thoughts about it?

What if, like nikolas cruz at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, he started shooting at whichever students he could hit?

How many dead would there be?  How many injured?

And for the students, some of whom intended to participate in the anti-gun rally that day, what would their attendance at that march mean to this potential massacre?

Did sky bouche worry about gun control laws when he entered the school?

During the day’s events, I heard students – no doubt orchestrated by politically motivated puppeteers who understand mob dynamics – chanting “Hey, hey, NRA, how many kids did you kill today”.

Do you think sky bouche was a member of the NRA?  Can anyone show me NRA literature that would in any way have encouraged the massacre which, by pure luck of the draw, he did not carry out?

That school walkout, as well-intentioned as it was for some students (for others, let’s be honest, it was a case of “Hey, not only can we be self-righteous and tell adults what they’re doing wrong, but we get a day off from school!”), may have felt good.  And it certainly warmed the hearts of the organized groups which facilitated it.  But what did it mean to the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, or the potential massacre at Forest High School in Orlando?

When do students – and, far more importantly because of who they are, mainstream media “journalists” – start talking about the fact that there are TWO SEPARATE ISSUES here?

-There is the issue of strict gun control laws – which, for the record, I strongly support.

-And there is the issue of how to protect people – like students at high schools for example – when someone who does not give a damn about gun control laws and almost certainly is not a member of the NRA – takes a shotgun into a school with the objective of slaughtering students there?

With all the “more gun control” and “damn the NRA” rhetoric we’ve been treated to since the February 14th massacre in Parkland, Florida, how many articles, op-eds or editorials have you seen in mainstream media about that?

See the problem?

I hope so.

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