Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), fresh from going from superstar to falling star in the Democrat presidential sweepstakes, seems to be looking for the next best result.

According to Rebecca Klar’s article at

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is considering backing former Vice President Joe Biden in the Democratic presidential primary, The New York Times reported Thursday. 

Multiple Democratic officials familiar with the California senator’s deliberations told the Times she’s weighing the option of backing her former primary opponent.

Politically, this is not at all a bad move for Ms. Harris.  If – IF – Joe Biden winds up with the Democrat nomination, he would benefit from a West Coast running mate, a female running mate and a minority running mate.  In Kamala Harris, he would hit for the trifecta.

And if Biden should not make it, what has Ms. Harris lost?    Nothing her ill-fated presidential run didn’t lose for her already.

Barring some really bad news for Mr. Biden, which would take his presidential hopes down a few notches (and, given the financial dealings of his son and brothers there is a strong possibility such news is coming) don’t be surprised if Kamala Harris is on board.

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