Robert Frances “Beto” O’Rourke”, the Irish guy who insists we call him by a Latino nickname, is the former congressperson and, most recently, loser in a senate race, who is running for the Democrat presidential nomination.

Three months ago, mainstream media couldn’t get enough of him.  Look out Donald Trump, here comes Beto!!

Except, then there was Peter Buttigieg, “Mayor Pete”, younger than O’Rourke, gay, and currently the mayor of a small city (which he has done nothing to improve – but, evidently, in today’s Democrat political structure that doesn’t count for much).

Suddenly the “hot property” mantel was on Buttigieg’s shoulders, not Beto’s.

What to do, what to do?

Well, yesterday, Mr. O’Rourke resorted to a technique he used very successfully when he was numero uno:  live-streaming his everyday-life activities.

Then it was going to the dentist.  Yesterday it was having his hair cut.

Yes, you got it right.  Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s brilliant idea for regaining his momentum was to live-stream his haircut.  Click here and see for yourself.

Will this do it?  Will this be his ticket back to Relevanceville?

Hey, maybe he can run on a platform of “Yeah, Trump gave us record unemployment, but I livestream my haircuts.  So there!”  He could even promise to run polls before each cut and pledge to get the hairstyle voters ask for.

If I were Peter Buttigieg, I would find this pathetic attempt to regain the spotlight more than a little amusing…

…until it’s his turn to be pushed off center stage, that is.  And don’t doubt, “Mayor Pete”, that your time is coming too.  In fact, given the significantly lesser degree of coverage you’ve gotten over the past week, it may already have started.

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