Yes, it is true that, for years, the Democrat Party has lurched leftward.  And, yes, it is true that its lurch has accelerated since the 2016 election.

But how did it get so far from the center that Warner Bros. might consider adding it to the” looney tunes and merrie melodies” cartoon series?

Let’s talk mainstream media.

First, let’s flash back to the 2016 election:

-Media first propped up Bernie Sanders and his socialist agenda.  Then, when he surprised them  by winning primaries against their true love interest, Hillary Clinton, those same media looked the other way as Democrat insiders rigged the nominating process and fixed it so that Clinton could win anyway.

They got their candidate.

-On the Republican side, media gave the preponderance of coverage to the most preposterous candidate of the bunch; Donald Trump.  Serious hopefuls, like John Kasich and Lindsey Graham, had to fight for even small amounts of attention, while Trump was paraded in front of the country every day.

Why?  Because, in their view (and in mine – at least at the beginning) he was nothing more than a rich guy with no political experience, on an ego trip, who, even if he got the nomination, could never win the election —which, of course, would make Hillary Clinton President.

They got their candidate.

We certainly know how that turned out.

Now, fast-forward to the present.

-Media, having spent two years blasting the President they were so material in creating with every negative story, every negative spin they could find – to no avail, at least so far – have found a new darling on the Democrat side.

-Here name is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  And she is the primary source of what is being called the “Green New Deal” (GND).

-The Green New Deal is a joke on steroids.  It is a middle school term paper; a child’s fantasy of what the world should be like…

…except it is being promoted as real by Ms. Ocasio-Cortez – whose expertise begins and ends with what she might have heard from a couple of guys she was serving drinks to last year, when she was bartending for a living.  And – a reflection of where the Democrat Party has veered – it is being supported, as I write this, by over 70 Democrats in the House and a dozen in the Senate.

So how did Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, an unqualified, inexperienced 29 year old who won her primary only because the incumbent didn’t bother to campaign, and she ran in a one-party district where any Democrat, no matter how ridiculous, would win, get to the point where she is being taken this seriously?

Well, who has relentlessly put her into lead-story status?  Breathlessly chronicled her every word?  Turned her into a household name?

Those same folks who, though they certainly didn’t mean to, made Donald Trump President:  our media.

And now that they’ve made her the face of the Democrat Party, her juvenile view of what we should be doing for the next 10 years – The Green New Deal – is being taken seriously.

The fact that it would irreparably demolish our economy (why would any entrepreneur try to expand his business interests at a 70% tax rate?), it would be impossible to implement, and – even if it could be implemented – no one has any idea of how to pay for it other than “tax the rich” (a magic wand pipe dream which would not come remotely close to paying its cost)?  Who cares?  It sounds so PC-good.

And, worse still for Democrats, is there any doubt that the Green New Deal will be featured – and ridiculed – in Republican political campaigns throughout the country next year?

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet finds out that Claudius is going to kill him.  And he decides that Claudius’s plan will blow up without Hamlet doing a thing, so he says ” Let it work, for ’tis the sport to have the enginer hoist with his own petard…”

If Shakespeare were alive today, he’d be writing those words about our mainstream media – which, in their effort to elevate Democrats and take down Republicans, is essentially providing the same result Hamlet talked about.

Maybe we should rename her Alexandria Oclaudius-Cortez.


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