As regular readers know, I have made a habit of putting up samples from Steven Hayward’s The Week In Pictures feature at – with a request that you click on the link I supply to see the rest of them…and, of course, give Mr. Hayward his well-deserved web traffic.

For whatever it’s worth, I consider this week’s compilation the greatest of them all.  I found myself laughing, and/or gnashing my teeth, and/or nodding in rueful agreement for virtually ever one that was posted.

Here is a sampling.  And – again – I urge you in strongest terms to click on the link so you can see the rest – you’ll be very, very glad you did:








  • I just finished looking at them before seeing this post, I think the last one is the same as last weeks though.

  • There were so many good ones it is hard to say which ones are best.
    The Pennies
    Go Fund Me
    Couldn’t Start a Lawnmower
    The Greta ones
    and more

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