Wow!  They’ve done it!  Brett Kavanaugh’s (and, of course, Donald Trump’s) enemies have found their winning lottery ticket; the horrific episode in Kavanaugh’s past that will blow his Supreme Court appointment to kingdom come!

So big that Senator Feinstein has held it for two months, waiting to spring it at just the right time.  Which is now.

And what is this mega- scandal that is guaranteed to send Kavanaugh straight to oblivion?

It is that…

… when he was a 17 year old high schooler, Kavanaugh and one of his friends attended a party. During that party, they locked a girl in a room.  One reort says they were not in the room and did not address her in any physical way. Another suggests teenaged Kavanaugh might have.  She eventually got out of the room and start of inconsequential enough so that nobody ever heard of it until now, almost 35 years later.

Waiting for more? Well, there isn’t any.

This, so help me, is supposed to be The Great Kavanaugh Deal-breaker.

Are these people out of their minds? Or is it that they think we are so stupid that we would demand Kavanaugh be denied a seat on the Supreme Court because of some silly prank that he played on someone when he was a teenager?

Is this how far the Democrat Party has descended?  What is wrong with them?  Do they have no shame left at all?  I mean those not as sarcasms but as a serious questions.

Personally, after watching and hearing this insane Democrat-orchestrated inquisition on Brett Kavanaugh, culminating in the “girl locked in a room” caper when he was 17 years old, I hope the Senate vote comes as soon as possible, and he is decisively appointed to the Supreme Court.

Shove this crap right back in their faces.  They richly deserve it.

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