What is “good” racism?

Well, based on many years of observation, some people on the left believe it is when you hide reality to “protect” a race from being stereotyped by racists.

The problem this creates, however, is that practitioners of hiding reality based on race are just as racist as the racists they are protecting that race from.

Is that last paragraph a little confusing?

If so, you can read one or another of the large number of blogs I’ve written about this kind of racism over the years…

…or, more contemporaneously, you can read Bernard Goldberg’s latest commentary on the subject, which is right on target.

Here are a few excerpts:

When it comes to the slaughter of black young men, liberal journalists fear that playing up this kind of bad news could give ammunition to bigots, who might use the information to bolster their already nasty opinions of African-Americans.

And since much of the killing is the work of fatherless young men, that’s another important story the national media would rather play down, and for the same reason. More dysfunction amounts to more ammo for the bigots.

Too many on the left, whether they’re in the media or not, worry about their “good racial manners,” a term that Shelby Steele, a black conservative scholar came up with.

And it would be anything but good racial manners to give black on black murders the space the story deserves in the national media. Playing down uncomfortable truths about crime and dysfunction in places like Chicago is how liberal journalists show how decent they are, how protective of black people they are. But mostly, it makes them feel noble — about themselves.

Exactly right.

Other than use of the term “liberal” to describe practitioners of “good racism” (they are anything but), Mr. Goldberg – and Mr. Steele and Mr. Habeeb (mentioned elsewhere in the article) understand perfectly what is going on here.

Simply stated, these are well-intentioned social engineers showing concern and compassion for Black people, by treating them as inferiors incapable of dealing honestly with the reality of Black-on-Black crime  – which so many decent Black people are forced to deal with every day.

It’s wonderful, isn’t it?  Leftist journalists feel better about themselves and Black criminals who prey on other Blacks get a free pass, just like they aren’t doing it at all.

If this reminds you of the “PROMISE” program in Broward County (and countless other locations around the country) – a prescription for turning schools into violent, disruptive playgrounds where education is nearly impossible – you understand perfectly.

Simply stated, there are few things worse for Black people than “good” racism.  But there it is, in all its glory.

What a tragedy for all of us.

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