Does that blog title look a little – maybe a lot – exaggerated?

Well it isn’t.  And if you expect mainstream media to tell you about why, you have a wildly over-optimistic view of what mainstream media have degenerated into.

From Joe Schoffstall’s latest article for Washington Free Beacon (

Liberal billionaire George Soros has continued his bid to “overhaul” the criminal justice system in the United States by pouring nearly $1 million into local Virginia prosecutor races to prop up far-left candidates.

Soros’s most recent round of donations include $580,000 to Parisa Dehghani-Tafti, a candidate for Arlington County commonwealth’s attorney, and almost $400,000 to Steve Descana, a Fairfax County commonwealth’s attorney candidate, for their June 11 primaries.

Soros pushed the contributions to Dehghani-Tafti and Descana from his Justice & Public Safety PAC, a committee used to fund local races across the country that could make an impact on the criminal justice system. The donations represent an overwhelming majority of what both candidates have raised, the Washington Post reports.

Soros, who has quietly flooded local district attorney and prosecutor races for some time now, puts his preferred candidates at a major money advantage for such a race. Soros typically sets up a “pop up” PAC in states where the races are taking place in order to push the money in to back their candidacy’s. At the conclusion of the race, any remaining money in the PAC’s coffers is refunded and the PAC is often shut down.

In recent years, the billionaire has pushed millions to numerous far-left candidates in a number of cities, including Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner, whom he helped win via nearly $2 million in contributions.

Let me start with the one correction I would make to this article: Joe Schoffstall is wrong to call George Soros a liberal.  He is NOT a liberal, and calling him one perverts the true meaning of the word.

George Soros is a fabulously wealthy far leftist who uses his immense fortune to undermine the United States – in particular, its legal system – by buying elections for people who are as hard left as he is.  And the races Mr. Schoffstall notes in his article are just the tip of the Soros iceberg.

If this were a fabulously wealthy Republican – say, a Sheldon Adelson – who was quietly setting up dummy PACs around the country to elect hard-right prosecutors, district attorneys and attorneys general (all of which Soros has done from the left), is there any doubt mainstream media would have advised you of it a long time ago, with strong condemnations telling you what a sleazy, underhanded technique it was?

So, how many have you seen about Soros?

And in case you think the dearth of articles about soros’ purchase of these lawmakers is new, please be advised that I’ve been writing blogs about it for years.  You can read this one from over two years ago and this one from last year.

The bottom line, then and now, is that as long as Soros is buying leftist prosecutors, district attorneys and attorneys general, the preponderance of mainstream media are happy to look the other way.

But watch them bristle with indignation if you call them biased.


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  • Soros is also pouring money into state races for Secretary of State, a mostly clerical office.

    However, the Secretary of State is the official who CERTIFIES each candidate’s vote totals in all elections. Hanging Chads, anyone ? ? ?

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